Prime Minister’s Office
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mission of the Faroes to the EU
Mission of the Faroes to the UK and Ireland
Mission of the Faroes to Denmark
Mission of the Faroes to Iceland
Faroese Parliament
Faroe Islands Enterprise (Trade and Tourism)
Fisheries management and research  
Ministry of Fisheries and Natural Resources
Faroese Fisheries Inspection
Faroese Fisheries Laboratory
Fisheries Research Fund
Maritime affairs  
Faroese Maritime Authority
MRCC Tórshavn
The Safety Centre
Environment & nature conservation  
Ministry of Justice
Environmental Agency
Aquaculture & food safety  
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Food and Veterinary Agency
Office of Public Works
Aquaculture Research Station
Industry associations & unions  
Fish Processing Association
Fish Farmers Association
Fishermen’s Union
Association of Coastal Fishermen
Education and research  
Ministry of Culture
University of the Faroe Islands
Faroese Research Council
Centre for Maritime Studies & Engineering
Fisheries College (Vestmanna)
Culture and the arts  
National Library
National Historical Museum
National Art Museum
Nordic House in the Faroe Islands
Faroese Council of Artists
Travel Agent