The Faroe Islands offer some of the cleanest waters in the world and an amazing assortment of cold water marine life.

The relatively constant water temperatures and varied seabed of the Faroe Islands has encouraged a wide array of marine fauna from sea cucumbers, sea urchins, star fish, mussels, crabs, shrimps and brightly coloured nudibranchs. There is some spectacular scenery and topography both on land and beneath the water where you can explore rocky drop-offs, seaweed forests, deep gullies or gentle slopes.

There are several little caves to explore, the Heljareygað cave at Hoyvik is a colourful little cave in shallow water that all divers can explore. One of the most popular wrecks is the British trawler ‘Lincoln City’ near Tórshavn harbour which sank during WW2 (contact your dive centre in advance to ensure no large ships are scheduled to arrive whilst diving).

This picture was taken at Leirgjógv (Nólsoy)

Diving at night is a great way to see the many species of shrimp and active noctural marine life around the Faroe Islands and can easily be arranged by your dive centre.

Water temperatures range from 4-10°C, visibility is best during winter months (averaging 30m) but tends to be less during summer plankton blooms.