The Faroe Islands is a true sea-anglers paradise for both experienced and novice anglers. The Faroese have always been fishing for a living. For centuries the Faroese boat gave the inhabitants food on the table, and it still does. It all happens like it always has – with a fishing line or a fishing rod. Deep sea fishing can be arranged all year round but best period is from April to September, since the weather can be rough in winter months.

The ocean is never far away as no place in the Faroese has a distance of more than five kilometres to the coast. All villages are located by the seashore, with only one exception – Vatnsoyrar is lying by the islands largest lake. The view of the open and infinite ocean is thus part of the everyday life of the islanders. The ocean symbolizes all the powers of life; it is dangerous yet unavoidable. “The ocean sang over me a lullaby, the surf put me to sleep”, says Jákup Dahl, in a romantic song of man´s lifelong relation to the sea. The sea symbolizes life and destiny.

Here is a short film about fishing made by kovboy film.