The Faroese people have always had a very close relationship to the sea, and swimming has therefore been a part of the people. The first official swimming pool was build in Klaksvík around 1905. Tórshavn municipality opened an outdoor swimming pool in 1930 which was used a lot by the local, but which was closet in winter months, because of the cold weather.

  • Gundadalur outdoor swimming pool
  • Out Door Swimming pool

Later in year 1982 Tórshavn municipality build an big swimming hall in Gundadalur. This swimming hall is still the biggest and most used swimming hall in Faroese, its in very good condition, just like new, it was four swimming pools. Two children pools, where the heat is 29-30 Celsius. One 25 meters long swimming pool and one diving pool.

  • Gundadal swimminghall
  • Swimming hall in Gundadalur

In Klaksvík they also have a big swimming hall now which include water slides. Even though the population in Faroe is not high, they have worked their way in to the international elite in swimming. In a short swimming pool in Vágur, the Faroese swimmer Pál Joensen has worked his way in to the international elite in swimming. With dedication and raw will power he has transformed himself in a short 25m swimming pool. The first 50 meters long swimming pool is currently under construction and will stand ready to take in use later in 2015. It will be build in the hometown of Pál Joensen, Vági.


Most popular swimming halls in Faroe:
Tórshavn: Swimming hall in Gundadalur
Klaksvík: Swimming hall in Gundadalur