he village Saksun is on the northwestern coast of Streymoy. The village is located at the end of what once was a narrow fjord with high mountains on both sides. Today this beautiful village Saksun is located in this picturesque valley Saksunardalur, which stretches all the way from Saksun to … Read More

Ólavsøkan Festival 2015

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Ólavsøka is considered by most Faroese as the national holiday of the Faroe Islands along with the Flagday on 25 April, its also the biggest festival in the Faroe Islands. Ólavsøka is celebrated for several days, where people from all around Fareose meet together in the capital Tórshavn. Tórshavns municipality … Read More


he northernmost village of Streymoy, surrounded by big mountains and with a beautiful beach, overlooking the giant and the witch (Risin og kellingin) lies a beautiful small villages called Tjørnuvík. Here you will experience an astonish nature, with a feeling you are flying 1000 years back to the viking age! … Read More

Skansin (The Fort)

he old fortress that protected the city of Tórshavn from pirates. It is situated on the northern part of Tórshavn harbour. Its primary function was to protect the trading facilities and later the center for the royal trading monopoly. The Fort is believed to have been built as early as … Read More


he oldest part of Tórshavn with the old wooden houses with grass roofs. Placed at a small peninsula dividing the harbor of Tórshavn into two bays. Eystaravág (Eysternbay) and Vestaravág (Western bay). Tinganes is the location where the old Norsemen met to agree on laws and settle disputes. The name … Read More