Wintertime in Faroe Islands


Wintertime Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands is on a latitude that is 62 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane, which crosses the North Atlantic Ocean. The weather can therefore behave a bit rough in the wintertime, when the storms hits the eighteen enchanted and beautiful islands. The daylight is also a part that … Read More

The man behind the camera

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There are not many, who have made so much enchanting and spellbinding Faroese television materials, as Zacharias Hammer. He has been using the beautiful and powerful Faroese nature as his studio throughout most of his work. His cultural achievement has been stretching over a whole generation, and almost all people … Read More

Only in the Faroe Islands

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There are many kind of animals living in the Faroese nature, and then there are a few domestic breeds, like Faroe pony, Faroese geese and ducks and of course the Faroese sheep! The name Faroe may reflect on the old Norse word fær, which means sheep, and the islands are … Read More

Whaling in the Faroe Islands

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The old tradition of hunting pods of pilotwhales and driving them unto the shores and slaugthering them for food. The tradition is widly known around the world because of its ‘savage apperance’. Especially the red colour of the blue sea, which happens during the slaugther. The whaling is what faroese … Read More