Guide to Faroe Islands


Guide to the Faroe Islands

For not many years ago, Faroe Islands was an almost unknown location for tourism. But it was not for long until the “world” open their eyes and saw this beautiful shining diamond, laying in the middle of the north atlantic ocean. Since then the Faroese people have been learning better … Read More

Pictures from OPHfoto


Faroe Islands OPHfoto

e have uploaded more goodies from the photographer Osvald P. Hansen aka OPHfoto. All the beautiful pictures below are from a hike, he had this summer, around the “waterfall village” Gásadal. Most of the tourist visiting Gásadal has little and no time, and therefore only goes for the popular waterfall. But … Read More

Dream location for photographers


any professionals’ landscape photographers are traveling around the globe to find the most beautiful spots on earth, but not many have yet found and explored the fantastical Faroe Islands. One of the few who have found our little gem, are the world famous and award-winning photographer Paul Zizka, which are … Read More

Faroese population increasing (Almost 50.000)


he population can decline or increase from one year to another, which often are the cause of economic reasons, health concerns, land exhaustion and environmental hazards. the Faroe Islands experienced a sharp decline in the population size in the middle of the 1990s. The main reason for this was an … Read More

A Couple of Stories


This is a beautiful video filmed by “A Couple of Stories” which we think you defiantly think you should watch. It was filmed in the Faroese early in year 2016, where the mountains were dressed with white snow. The video has a wonderful slow-motion feel throughout with a relaxing background … Read More

Faroe Islands Classified by Google Earth?


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There are many mysterious locations around the world, which are hidden from the world. Google Earth which lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, have even blacked or pixelated out these classified sites. The Australia’s number one news site have recently written about these classified locations … Read More

The icy wilds of the Faroe Islands


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There have been many people writing about their visit to the Faroe Islands – how the food was, how the weather was, how the people was, and overall what they did experience through their short visit. However, here is one blog about something different from the usual. It is about … Read More

Magical Destinations

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Gásadalur waterfall faore islands

BBC Travel has written about seven dreamy destinations, which make you feel like you have stepped straight into a magical fairy tale world. One of those seven destinations are the wonderful and magical Faroe Islands. They also say that these seven travel destinations are so magical, that it is hard … Read More

Faroe Islands in 1927

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Vágsbotn, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

The Danish Film Institute streaming site, has released an almost 90 years old film clip recorded in Faroe Islands capital Tórshavn. The film clips is from the Harbor Vágsbotn, where you today can find many restaurants, cafés and many traditional Faroese boat lying close by. Down below you can … Read More

Faroe Islands go for 100 percent renewable energy


wind turbines in faroese hushagi

Renewable energy is a source of energy that has been through many ages by humans. In the first days we used it for example to get heat of the sun to dry clothes, vegetables and fruit, to wind energy to grind corn or to power sail boats. Today we have … Read More

Tourist Guide 2016


Tourist Guide 2016

Tourist Guide 2016 is now available for free HERE. The picture on the front page of the tourist guide 2016 is from the largest islands Streymoy, and on the beautiful location Tosskorarhorn. Its beautiful mountain reaching 644 meters, and the person is looking 644 meters straight down at Vestmannabjørgini, which … Read More