Between Faroe Islands and Kaliningrad

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The German TV station Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), have made an 43 min. program about Faroe Islands. They have been exploring the Faroese and tried to answered some interesting questions like: Why do Faroese export an great deal of salmon to Kaliningrad? What makes the tourist attracted to a small North … Read More

Ólavsøkan Festival 2015

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Ólavsøka is considered by most Faroese as the national holiday of the Faroe Islands along with the Flagday on 25 April, its also the biggest festival in the Faroe Islands. Ólavsøka is celebrated for several days, where people from all around Fareose meet together in the capital Tórshavn. Tórshavns municipality … Read More

29 Reasons

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29 Reasons Why The Faroe Islands Should Be On Your Bucket List “Probably the most breathtaking and underrated place on Earth” “It’s as if every inch of this land were there to take your breath away” “And sometimes, they just look like they’re straight out of a fantasy novel” These … Read More

A True David vs Goliath Tale

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Faroe Islands defeats Greece again for the second time! The Faroe Islands (population 49.000) repeated their November victory in Greece (population 11.000.000) where they surprisingly defeated the 2004 European champions again. Hallur Hansson scored for the Faroe Islands in 32 minute and Brandur Olsen in the second half (69 minute), … Read More

G! Festival an incredible experience

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Are you ready for G!? This is how the natives refer to the G! Festival, which is thé party of the year for many young partygoers. The G! Festival has also won great notoriety beyond the Islands. Every year people all over the world journey to this event to experience … Read More

Fjord Surfing

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Through the ages, the ocean around the Faroese, have always been the greatest food source of them all. Without it, many family wouldn’t have live through the tough winters. It has therefor been a great life source, but in the other hand, everything that has a good side, normally does … Read More

Summer 2015

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he weather gets better and better in the Faroese, and the days gets longer and longer. This means the summer is just around the corner! inFAROE has put together one annual calendar of Faroe Islands biggest and best, oldest and newest festivals and events for the summer of 2015. So … Read More

Urban Space in Vágsbotn

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ágsbotnur which is a beautiful part of the capital center, where restaurants, cafes and small market stands around the harbor, where the local fisherman’s have their traditional Faroese boats standing ready for them. This part of the city is very old, and through the times people have always used this … Read More