Faroe Islands in 1927

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Vágsbotn, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

The Danish Film Institute streaming site Filmcentralen.dk, has released an almost 90 years old film clip recorded in Faroe Islands capital Tórshavn. The film clips is from the Harbor Vágsbotn, where you today can find many restaurants, cafés and many traditional Faroese boat lying close by. Down below you can … Read More

Ólavsøkan Festival 2015

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Ólavsøka is considered by most Faroese as the national holiday of the Faroe Islands along with the Flagday on 25 April, its also the biggest festival in the Faroe Islands. Ólavsøka is celebrated for several days, where people from all around Fareose meet together in the capital Tórshavn. Tórshavns municipality … Read More

Urban Space in Vágsbotn

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ágsbotnur which is a beautiful part of the capital center, where restaurants, cafes and small market stands around the harbor, where the local fisherman’s have their traditional Faroese boats standing ready for them. This part of the city is very old, and through the times people have always used this … Read More