Ford and now Porsche


More and more film producers are getting in love with the beautiful faroese. In 2021 both Ford and Porsche have been using Faroe Islands on their big commercial films. See the video below – Enjoy!

Faroe Islands in 1927

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Vágsbotn, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

The Danish Film Institute streaming site, has released an almost 90 years old film clip recorded in Faroe Islands capital Tórshavn. The film clips is from the Harbor Vágsbotn, where you today can find many restaurants, cafés and many traditional Faroese boat lying close by. Down below you can … Read More

The man behind the camera

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There are not many, who have made so much enchanting and spellbinding Faroese television materials, as Zacharias Hammer. He has been using the beautiful and powerful Faroese nature as his studio throughout most of his work. His cultural achievement has been stretching over a whole generation, and almost all people … Read More

Between Faroe Islands and Kaliningrad

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The German TV station Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), have made an 43 min. program about Faroe Islands. They have been exploring the Faroese and tried to answered some interesting questions like: Why do Faroese export an great deal of salmon to Kaliningrad? What makes the tourist attracted to a small North … Read More