Climbing the Witch’s Finger


There is a freestanding rock on the beautiful island Vágar called Trøllkonufingur, which means Witch’s finger. It is said to have been climbed only once, and the story goes all the way back to 1844, where a man climbed the Witch’s finger so that he could wave to the king Frederick VII of Denmark, when he sailed past the island. Later, when the man had come down, he realized that he had left one of his gloves on the top of the rock, so decided to climb back up after the gloves. On his way to the top he hadn’t enough strength left, and died in his fall.

The story about the first man on the top, might only be a story – But in 2012 there were a climbing team, that successful made it all the way up to the 313m high freestanding rock.

In summer 2015 four Faroese guys, Pætur, John, Jóhannus and Bergur, climbed the 313m (1027f) high cliff. Down below you can see a video showing the breathtaking climb.

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