Faroe Islands in 1927

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Vágsbotn, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

The Danish Film Institute streaming site Filmcentralen.dk, has released an almost 90 years old film clip recorded in Faroe Islands capital Tórshavn. The film clips is from the Harbor Vágsbotn, where you today can find many restaurants, cafés and many traditional Faroese boat lying close by. Down below you can see a picture from how it looks like today, and after seeing the video, you might see some changing since 1927. In the other picture you see Vágsbotn in the wintertime, where Christmas is just outside the door.

Vágsbotn, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Vágsbotn in summertime, with tourist boats lying next to a café

christmas City #2 - Location: Tórshavn, Vágsbotnur

Wintertime in Vágsbotn, Faroe islands. on the left side you see the old houses as seen in the video.

In the video you get a glimpse of Tórshavn Cathedral (Havnar Kirkja or Dómkirkjan), which is the second oldest preserved church in the Faroe Islands. Enjoy!

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