Fjord Surfing

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Through the ages, the ocean around the Faroese, have always been the greatest food source of them all. Without it, many family wouldn’t have live through the tough winters. It has therefor been a great life source, but in the other hand, everything that has a good side, normally does as well have a bad side! The islands are surrounded by a rough and intact nature midst the North Atlantic ocean, where great mountains and deep fjords all together, wakes up a this bad side of the ocean. But for some people this rough and bad side, is turned in to a fun and good side!

The popular Surfermag has been in Faroe Islands, and transformed this rough North Atlantic ocean to a interesting and fun playground. Down below you can find the link to Surfmag article and an beautiful video of their surfing experience inFaroe!
surfing faroe islands

Justin Quintal Surfing the fjords. Photo: Burkard – The Fjord – Video & Pictures

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