New hiking site


Now its less easy for both tourist and locals, to find great hiking tracks in Faroe islands. All because of a great new website called There are 340 mountains in the Faroe Islands, which many of them are a dream for all hiking fans out there. But most of the great tracks are only known by locals. Now most of these tracks are listed on this new website, which makes it much more fun – and not to forget SAFE, to hike in Faroe Islands. It’s possible to search tracks by Islands, Difficulty, Length and Preferable wind direction. You can also see many pictures, videos and information about every tracks.

Hiking in the Faroese nature is a growing activity amongst local inhabitants as well as the foreign guests who are visiting our beautiful country. Hiking is also a healthy way to activate both body and soul.
You can hike alone in the nature but preferable as a group putting safety first. It is not without danger to hike in the Faroese mountains.

Always be well prepared and put personal safety first. Ask or others locals for advice and take no risks. Check out the website here: HIKING.FO

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