Ólavsøkan Festival 2015

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Ólavsøka is considered by most Faroese as the national holiday of the Faroe Islands along with the Flagday on 25 April, its also the biggest festival in the Faroe Islands. Ólavsøka is celebrated for several days, where people from all around Fareose meet together in the capital Tórshavn.
Tórshavns municipality has just released the Ólavsøku 2015 program, which can be found below. We recommend you to participate in the midnight-song (midnáttarsangurin) which start at 24:00 on 29 July, and are located in Vaglið (the center of Tórshavn). Here a great part of the Faroese population is concentrated in the capital to attend in which may be the largest choral of the world!

-The Ólavsøku Festival 2015 Program-

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