Only in the Faroe Islands

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There are many kind of animals living in the Faroese nature, and then there are a few domestic breeds, like Faroe pony, Faroese geese and ducks and of course the Faroese sheep! The name Faroe may reflect on the old Norse word fær, which means sheep, and the islands are inhabited by around 70.000 sheep (more then the Faroese population), that graze freely and mostly on mountain sides across the islands. The Faroese sheep have long been an integral part of the islands traditions, and can be seen on many other places as well – and sometimes maybe on more unexpected places….

Today one of these more “unexpected places” was in the old terminal of Vágar Airport, where two sheep were seen visiting the airport. We are not sure if they were about to take a flight – or just needed some shelter?


Sheep visiting Vágar Airport – Only in Faroe Islands


Sheep in Vágar Airport

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Only in Faroe Islands – Airport visited by sheep

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