The icy wilds of the Faroe Islands


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There have been many people writing about their visit to the Faroe Islands – how the food was, how the weather was, how the people was, and overall what they did experience through their short visit. However, here is one blog about something different from the usual. It is about an international windsurfing pro, called Dany Bruch, which took a trip to the Faroese with his windsurfing board and jumped in to this extreme, unknown territory.

The locals in the Faroe Islands knows that it gets very rough both on the land and sea, when the winter months takes control of the weather. Here is what Dany the international windsurfing pro says about his experience “I’ve surfed all over the world and in all sorts of conditions for more than 20 years,” he says when back on dry land. “But nothing has ever come close to this. The fear, the adrenalin… it was wild.”

Read his blog HERE and be sure also to check out his awesome video!

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