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There are not many, who have made so much enchanting and spellbinding Faroese television materials, as Zacharias Hammer. He has been using the beautiful and powerful Faroese nature as his studio throughout most of his work. His cultural achievement has been stretching over a whole generation, and almost all people in Faroe Islands have enjoyed some of his art. Most of his work are about the connection between the great nature of Faroe Islands and the people in it.

He and his camera have been around on many locations where few people have set their foot. You can see him hanging on the highest cliffs in Faroese, or surrounded by nothing else then the deep and dangerous North Atlantic Ocean. With all these thrilling and breathtaking location, and wonderful put together television programs, he has given the Faroese people a great cultural treasure.

Down below Zacharias Hammer is giving us a small greeting, which he recorded twenty years ago, of the majestic mountains around Faroe Islands – before the age of drones. He says the Faroe Islands is the most exciting place for a photographer, who can see all the rich opportunities around it.

Ein lítil heilsan tikin úr Bláa loftinum fyri sløkum 20 árum síðani. Tá vóru ikki dronir, sum óivað í dag heldur ikki kundu tikið hesar loftmyndir. Føroyar eru hitt mesta spennandi stað fyri ein myndamann, sum sær ríku møguleikarnar. Føroyska náttúran hevur verið (er)mítt studio gjøgnum ein mansaldur.

Posted by Zacharias Hammer on Saturday, March 14, 2015

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