Hvannhagi, Faroe Islands, suðuroy
Around the Faroese, where few peoples have set their foot, stunning places can be found. In the Southernmost islands in Faroe Islands lies a location called Hvannhagi. The fastest way to get there is by putting on your hiking shoes, and walk from the nearest village Tvøroyri. It’s around 3 km walk up a small mountain called Fjallið, which is the Faroese word for the Mountain (Very simple name to remember!). After you reach a height around 200 meters, you will start walking down again, to the beautiful award winning, special nature area – Hvannhagi.

Hvannhagi, Faroe islands

There is a beautiful lake embellishing this beautiful nature area, as seen on the two photos above. In the middle of the summer, the temperature of water might be comfortable for bathing, since it’s not that deep. The valley is surrounded by mountains, with a spectacular view of the islands Lítli Dímun and Stóri Dímun. This location is a popular nature area in the Faroese, so many tourist and locals visit Hvannhaga, so don’t be surprise to meet people on your way. If you need a place to stay while visiting Suðuroy, we recommend Hilmarsstova, which is located perfectly for the Hvannhagi trip.
faroe islands map infaroe hvannhagi

Direction to Hvannhagi

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